41 Club
Costa del Sol

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"41 in the Sun"

Costa del Sol 41 (A), founded in 1997, offers ex-Tablers the opportunity to enjoy some excellent, old fashioned, fellowship amongst kindred spirits. At present we are a select band, supported by a goodly number of visits from 41’ers who maybe have a holiday home here or visit the Costa del Sol on a regular basis.

Our "patch" extends from Málaga in the East to Estepona in the West. Any potential members to the East of Málaga or to the West of Estepona, will receive a warm welcome from Nerja (B) and Gibraltar (C) 41 respectively.

Meetings are normally held at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday monthly, except for the Summer recess in August, or when other 41 Club or Tangent activities would overlap. See “Programme” for actual dates and details of what we’re up to during the coming year.


Apart from meetings, a lively social programme is the main feature of the Club, a secondary feature being an aversion to fund-raising. Hopefully, potential members will not be disappointed to find that they will not have to wear the soggy Father Xmas beard nor flog tickets for the Fireworks Display!


So if you’re a tabler, ex tabler or 41 club member and are in the area, contact Jose, our Membership Officer, and come along to any of our meetings.

You will be very welcome.


What's the weather like on the Costa today?